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The things that motivate me as a designer focus squarely on the client and the needs of the project. While my personal interests involve recycled woods, metals and textures, I understand that the unique personality and desires of my clients come first. Ultimately, my work should be a reflection of the best solution for the space.

When I am reviewing my notes and have a good spectrum of information about the project, I consider the materials to be used. Often the materials are very important to the design process. The subtlty of details in certain materials can make or break a project. Round Tree Design considers all the realistic and logistical issues related to working with certain materials when designing, and that is one key in a successful project: Design that works with the materials properties!

When I have arrived at a design motive and created some initial marks in the direction I like, I begin to refine and bring balance and rhythm into the mix. I'll turn a design up or down to make it feel comfortable in the desired space. This is a special consideration that only a firm like Round Tree Design can offer, and it can create a difference in quality that is extraordinary.

When the drawings are done and it's time to build, we also continue to refine and revaluate. Even with the best software, there is no substitute for an open mind and materials in hand. A design is an important path to follow, but we regularly introduce ideas to our clients during moments of inspiration on-site. This open communication with clients within the build window is another exciting and engaging aspect of working with Round Tree Design.